DGSAAI Membership

Benefits of Membership

  • Discounted Professional Indemnity insurance cover
  • Provides an opportunity for members to meet, network and exchange views and information
  • Ensures that members are kept up-to-date with the latest changes in the regulations via E-mail news broadcasts
  • Enables members to ask questions  via the E-mail forum
  • Provides access to backup support and expertise in dealing with issues of interpretation or application of the regulations
  • Demonstrates to employers/clients/authorities the member’s commitment to the safe transport of dangerous goods
  • Entitles members to promote their services on the DGSAAI website
  • Lobbying of competent authorities and policy making bodies on behalf of members
  • Access to documents in the Members Only area of the DGSAAI website
  • Use of the DGSAAI windscreen sticker on vehicles, to demonstrate that they have been inspected by a DGSA who is a DGSAAI member (full members only)
  • Voting rights on the future development of the association (full members only)

Joining the DGSAAI

Application for full membership of the DGSAAI is open to Irish residents who are the holders of a current DGSA vocational training certificate. Associate membership is offered to other individuals that share an interest in the transport of dangerous goods.

The annual membership fee is 50 euro.

To apply for membership please click here (doc) or here (pdf) to access a membership application form.