About The Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors’ Association of Ireland

The “Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors’ Association of Ireland” was established in November 2003 by a group of Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors concerned with the need for a support network for DGSA’s.  The official abbreviations of the association are the “DGSAAI” or the “DGSA Association of Ireland“.  Its motto is “For DGSA’s  by DGSA’s“.

The DGSAAI is a voluntary non-profit making body made up of DGSA’s from all over Ireland. The association is administered by elected officers consisting of a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. The current office holders are:
Chairperson: Dr. J. J. Tobin
Honorary Secretary: Teri Donaghy
Treasurer: Liam Tolton

Meetings are held twice yearly, in September and January (our AGM). The venue for meetings will normally be in a Midland area such as Portlaoise. Communication is also promoted through an E-mail forum where members can post questions and receive news updates. 

Our Association is a member of the European Association of Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers (IASA).  One of the objectives of this organisation is to share greater understanding of how dangerous goods regulations are applied in different countries.  Another objective is to obtain observer status at the UN working party sessions which develop updates to the regulations so that in due course we may be able to influence the future development of regulations form the perspective of those who have to advise on their practical implementation.

The association promotes the use of a windscreen sticker to demonstrate that a vehicle has been inspected by an association member. The association will investigate any complaints of misuse of the sticker and provide advice where appropriate. However, the association does not accept liability for any of the actions of its members.

The association is funded by membership fees.


To support members in their work as Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors

To provide a forum for members to network and share experiences, views and information

To act as a communication channel for information relevant to DGSA’s

To promote greater awareness and understanding of the regulations governing the transport of dangerous goods

To promote improved standards of compliance with the regulations

To Provide programmes of education and training on topics pertinent to dangerous goods safety

To represent the interests of DGSA’s and the association at National and European Government level in policy making.

DGSAAI Membership Profile
Geographically members are spread throughout the country; from Mayo to Dublin; Cork to Donegal.  Members display a diverse range of knowledge and experience.  Some work as consultant DGSA’s to a number of companies, some are approved trainers and others act as in-house DGSA’s within a single enterprise.  All the major industrial sectors concerned with the transport of dangerous goods are represented; Transport and Haulage, Oil industry, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Clinical samples and waste.